451 Research, a division of leading global analyst and data company The 451 Group, is focused on the business of enterprise IT innovation. Recently, Dr Katy Ring, A Research Director for IT Services at 451, published a Market Insight Report entitled “Creating Lean IT”.

This report discusses how mainstream systems management technologies are not delivering high levels of cost reduction or radically improving infrastructure ‘business as usual’ metrics. The report introduces Innovise IES and Cortex, the intelligent automation platform, as a new entrant to the market, raising the bar for IT automation.

A snippet from the report can be seen below.

Removing manual processes from IT system and service management is the holy grail of industrial service automation. Forged in a non-IT industrial process arena, Innovise IES believes its Cortex platform has the answer.

See the full report here

Author: Michelle Soper-Dyer