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Welcome to Cortex, the creators of Intelligent Automation

At Cortex, we rapidly create value for business operations by transforming the future of work through multi-purpose intelligent automation software.

By integrating multiple intelligence and automation technologies with human and machine collaboration, we enable established businesses to transform customer experience, quality of service, and help achieve non-linear growth. Our single platform lets clients achieve significantly greater impact than the legacy approach of multiple islands of technology. In addition to the software, we produce the strategies and methodologies to successfully transform our clients’ operations with Cortex.

Going beyond basic automation capabilities and market hype of Desktop Automation, RPA or an army of Software Bots, Cortex Intelligent Automation Software brings together the four elements of Intelligent Automation. This is the ability to Sense, Analyse, Decide and Act, running as a continual process, and applying outcomes in real time. The unique exception handling capabilities of Cortex ensures automation processes do not fail and you remain in control.

Find out more about how our unique software, strategies and methodologies is transforming operations across Network Management Automation, IT Process Automation and Business Process Automation. From CSP’s, service providers, internal IT operations through to finance and insurance, organisations are realising the true benefits of taking a consolidated and proven approach to deploying Intelligent Automation.

Cortex achieves rapid business transformation at the operational, management and strategic levels…


  • Remain in control – real time operational visibility
  • Guarantee SLA compliance
  • Service Delivery can be End-to-End


  • Integrate your existing tools, systems, and technology
  • Ensure operational agility through rapid deployment
  • Empower your process owners to manage automation not tasks


  • Achieve fast ROI and add immediate value to your organisation
  • Attract new clients and respond to change faster
  • Streamline services, create new offerings, and open new markets
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